• Graduate Program Advisor

Recruitment and admissions, student progress checks, advising, TA coordinator, payroll, fee remissions, committee consultant, student awards, stipends, block grant/graduate funding support, email list administrator

  • 805-893-7490
  • South Hall 3432E
  • Director SASC

All management functions related to the operations of administrative support and services of the SASC (Student Services and Academic Services units) provided to South Hall HFA departments and programs in the areas of Academic Personnel, Financial/Budget, Student Services, Contract and Grant administration, Purchasing, IT, Space, Development and Alumni Relations, Safety, Policy and Procedures, etc.

  • South Hall 3431H
  • Academic Personnel Coordinator

Personnel policy and procedures, faculty recruitment and appointments, ladder faculty merits, promotions, career steps, retentions, appraisals, non-Senate faculty re-appointments, excellence reviews, merits, payroll, additional compensation, and contracts, sabbatical and other leaves, donor acknowledgment, faculty email list administrator, visiting scholars, new faculty email, UCSBNetID, orientation

  • (805) 893-7151
  • South Hall 3431B
  • Administrative Coordinator

Visitor parking arrangements, teaching evaluations, room and media equipment reservations, website updates and questions, technical assistance (e.g., copiers, printers), textbook and desk copy orders, office hours listings, keys, office supplies, business cards, door codes

  • 805-893-7488
  • South Hall 3432 (front desk)
  • Manager
  • SASC (Student Services Unit)

Managerial oversight of Student Services Unit of the SASC, student services policy and procedures, curriculum planning and course scheduling, TA/Associate/Reader appointments and payroll, student services staff supervisor

  • 805-893-2708
  • SH 3432G
  • Lead ASL Interpreter

Mala is a US Nationally certified interpreter who has been working as a Designated Staff Interpreter since 2002. She holds four degrees in the areas of Sign Language Linguistics and teaching. She researched and published on lexical variation in the gay community and has a chapter on Designated Interpreting in press

  • SH 3524
  • Financial and Academic Services Manager

Managerial oversight of Academic Services Unit of the SASC, financial and academic personnel policy and procedures, academic appointments and payroll, financial/academic personnel staff supervisor

  • (805) 893-3864
  • South Hall 3431C
  • Undergraduate Program Advisor

Undergraduate major, minor, and program advising; student petitions for major requirements, approval codes, university and department undergrad awards, course scheduling and wait-lists, seminar room scheduling, and undergrad listserv.

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  • 805-893-3776
  • South Hall 3432C
  • Financial Operations Supervisor

Business meeting, entertainment, travel, and miscellaneous reimbursements, undergraduate and graduate RA hires (hourly), time sheets and payroll for hourly employees, graduate stipends (non-block grant), undergraduate stipends, financial report

  • 805-893-5878
  • SH 3431G