Audrey Lopez

Graduate Student

Office Location

South Hall 5431G


Sociocultural linguistics, talk in interaction, language and power, language and identity, youth language, applied linguistics, multilingualism, second language acquisition


2007 B.A., Linguistics, University of Maryland
2011 M.A., Hispanic Linguistics, UCSB


I am a first year student in the Ph.D. program on the Sociocultural Linguistics track with an Applied Linguistics emphasis. 

My interests center around youth language, empowerment, and education, specifically looking at language in interaction among youth working in international development contexts (NGOs/non-profit organizations). Most recently, I've been in Ghana, carrying out ethnographic research with teams of Ghanaian youth interpreters and US undergraduate students who work together to implement community development projects in rural communities. I look forward to continuing to explore how language impacts the cultural and linguistic awareness that come about for students through these processes. 

When I'm not thinking about language, you can usually find me traveling, laughing, and/or SCUBA diving!



  • Spanish 1
  • Spanish 2