• Graduate Student

Language documentation and description; Languages of Siberia; Yukaghir; morphosyntax; corpus linguistics; language contact; language maintenance; games for language learning

  • South Hall 5431G
  • Ph.D.
  • 2015

Affiliation: Invitae

Dissertation: The distributional learning of multi-word expressions : A computational approach

  • Ph.D.
  • 2012

Affiliation: San Joaquin Delta College

Dissertation: A grammar of Southern Pomo, an indigenous language of California

  • Ph.D.
  • 2018

Affiliation: University of California, Santa Barbara

Dissertation: Sex and Faith in Dialogue: Interdiscusivity and Academic Activism in Baptist communities

  • Ph.D.
  • 2001

Dissertation: Adverbial clauses in Barbareño Chumash narrative discourse

  • Graduate Student

Language, gender, and sexuality; language and bisexuality; language and power; language, perception, cognition, and memory; Japanese linguistics; Ryukyuan languages; Ozark English

  • Graduate Student

Language chang; language documentation and description; revitalization of  understudied and endangered Native American languages, including the Barbareño Chumash language; second language acquisition; linguistic anthropology

  • Ph.D.
  • 2020

Dissertation: A Grammar of Abawiri, a Lakes Plain Language of Papua, Indonesia

  • Graduate Student

Cognitive, functional, & usage-based approaches to grammar; typology; lexical semantics; information structure; phonetics, phonology, & prosody; language documentation & revitalization; language & music; Austronesian languages of Taiwan & the Philippines; Inuit languages

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  • Graduate Student

Co-speech gestures; language and grammar; corpus linguistics; computational linguistics; psycholinguistics; second language acquisition; lexical typology; Slavic languages

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  • Associate Professor
  • Director of Graduate Studies

Sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology; sociophonetics; language, gender, and sexuality, especially within transgender and LGBQ communities; embodiment; language and identity; language socialization; ethnography; acoustic and perceptual phonetics; discourse analysis.