[Colloquium] A Roadmap for Inclusion in Linguistics

The University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) is the highest ranked and highest resourced Minority Serving Institution in the world. Considering the designation as both an honor and a call to action, the UCSB Linguistics Department is working to make significant changes to its faculty and student recruitment, its undergraduate and graduate curriculum, and its research and outreach focus. Join us for an interactive workshop designed to help you take part in active inclusion whether you are in the linguistics department or in another department at UCSB.

We will focus on methods and models used to engage people in linguistics from secondary school through emeritus status, and we will also share challenges that we’ve met along the way with a focus on both interdepartmental and institutional concerns. Our discussion will center around three programs that UCSB Linguistics has developed in recent years: School Kids Investigating Language in Life and Society (SKILLS), UCSB-HBCU Scholars in Linguistics, and the Sneak Peek student recruitment event.

We invite colloquium participants to send us questions ahead of time as well as suggestions for topics and goals that you would particularly wish to address including but not limited to: faculty recruitment, student recruitment, curricular reform, addressing discrimination in your department, and addressing pushback against inclusion attempts. Send questions to acharityhudley@ucsb.edu.