Phonetics Lab Opens Doors

The Linguistics lab in South Hall 4430 has seen an important addition this year, with the new phonetics lab occupying one of the former breakout rooms now fully operational. Along with recording equipment, the lab features an Electromagnetic Articulometer (EMA), a portable ultrasound, an Electroglottograph, and video cameras. Computers are standing by to run production and perception experiments, and students can use the lab for data acquisition, storage, and analysis. In addition to these resources, Professor Argyro Katsika hopes that the phonetics lab “will serve as a forum of discussion on topics related to speech and phonetics”.

The phonetics lab includes several computers for data collection, storage, and analysis
The Electromagnetic Articulometer (EMA)
A reminder to ground!
The lab has been decorated with an articulator-inspired aesthetic
A 'Room in Use' sign can be illuminated from inside the lab