Publication news: Feeling It

The recently-published "Feeling It: Language, Race, and Affect in Latinx Youth Learning" (Routledge, 2018) is a collaboration among faculty and graduate students across five departments at UCSB. With financial support from UCSB's Crossroads Initiative, the interdisciplinary team led by Mary Bucholtz (Linguistics), Dolores Inés Casillas (Chicana and Chicano Studies), and Jin Sook Lee (Education) held a year-long graduate seminar on the Politics of Race and Language in Learning Contexts, created a new undergraduate general education course on Language, Power, and Learning, and conducted research as part of the SKILLS program, which guides youth in the Santa Barbara area to carry out original research and community action projects on language in their lives and communities. Feeling It offers critical and reflexive analyses of all aspects of the project, from the dynamics of the graduate seminar to the challenges of working in community settings to the racial and linguistic ideologies that Latinx students confront to young people’s emotional engagement and social agency to advance linguistic justice for themselves, their families, and their community. Feeling It features chapters by UCSB Linguistics graduate students Anna Bax, Audrey Lopez, and Jessica Love-Nichols.